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Journal Articles

Hymus GJ, Snead TG, Johnson DP, Hungate BA, Drake BG, 2001. Acclimation of Photosynthesis and Respiration to Elevated Atmospheric CO2 in Two Scrub Oaks. Global Change Biology, in press.

Hungate BA, Reichstein M, Dijkstra P, Johnson D, Hymus G, Tenhunen JD, Drake BG, 2001. Evapotranspiration and soil water content in a scrub-oak woodland under carbon dioxide enrichment. Global Change Biology, in press.

Dijkstra P, Hymus G, Colavito D, Vieglais D, Cundari C, Johnson D, Hungate BA, Hinkle CR, Drake BG, 2001. Elevated atmospheric CO2 stimulates shoot growth in a Florida scrub-oak ecosystem. Global Change Biology, in press

Johnson DW, Hungate BA, Dijkstra P, Hymus G, Drake BG, 2001. Effects of Elevated CO2 on Soils in a Florida Scrub Oak Ecosystem. Journal of Environmental Quality. 30:501-507.

Cardon ZG, Hungate BA, Holland EA, Chapin FS III, and Field CB, 2001. Contrasting effects of elevated CO2 on old and new soil carbon pools Soil Biology and Biochemistry 33:365-373.

Hungate BA, Jaeger CH III, Gamara G, Chapin FS III, Field CB, 2000. Soil microbiota in two annual grasslands: responses to elevated CO2. Oecologia 124:589-598.

Hungate BA, Dijkstra P, Johnson DW, Hinkle CR, and Drake BG, 1999. Elevated CO2 increases nitrogen fixation and decreases soil nitrogen mineralization in Florida scrub oak. Global Change Biology 5:781-790.

Stiling P, Rossi AM, Hungate BA, Dijkstra P, Hinkle CR, Knott WM III, and Drake BG, 1999. Decreased survivorship of leaf-mining insects in elevated CO2: reduced forage quality and an indirect trophic cascade. Ecological Applications,9:240-244.

Hungate BA, Jackson RB, Chapin FS III, Mooney HA, and Field CB, 1997. The fate of carbon in grasslands under carbon dioxide enrichment. Nature 388:576-579.

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Hungate BA, Lund CP, Pearson HL, and Chapin FS III, 1997. Elevated CO2 and nutrient addition alter soil N cycling and N trace gas fluxes with early season wet-up in a California annual grassland. Biogeochemistry 37:89-109.

Frank VM, Hungate BA, Chapin FS III, and Field CB, 1997. Effects of elevated CO2 on litter decomposition: dependence on plant species and nutrient supply. Biogeochemistry 36:223-237.

Reynolds HL, Hungate BA, D'Antonio CM, and Chapin FS III, 1997. Soil heterogeneity and plant competition in an annual grassland. Ecology 78:2076-2090.

Hungate BA, J Canadell, and FS Chapin III, 1996. Plant species mediate changes in soil microbial N under elevated CO2. Ecology 77:2505-2515.

Hungate BA, Jackson RB, Field CB, and Chapin FS III, 1996. Detecting changes in soil carbon in CO2 enrichment experiments. Plant and Soil 187:135-145

Hungate BA, Danin A, Pellerin NB, Stemmler J, Kjellander P, Adams JB, and Staley JT, 1987. Characterization of manganese-oxidizing (MnII-MnIV) bacteria from Negev Desert rock varnish: implications in desert varnish formation. Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 33:939-943.

Book Chapters – published or in press

Hungate BA, Marks JC, in press. Impacts of global change on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. In J Canadell and HA Mooney (eds.) Encyclopedia of Global Change, Volume 2: The Earth system: biological and ecological dimensions of global environmental change. John Wiley and Sons, Ltd.

Johnson DW, Norby RJ, Hungate BA, in press. Effects of Elevated CO2 on Nutrient Cycling in Forests. In: Karnowsky DF (ed): Effects of Elevated CO2 in Forest Ecosystems. CAB International. (in press)

Loustau D, Hungate BA, Drake BG, in press. Effects of water, nitrogen and rising atmospheric CO2 on terrestrial productivity. In Terrestrial Global Productivity: Past, Present, and Future (B Saugier, J Roy, and HA Mooney, eds.), Academic Press, San Diego

Hungate BA, 1999. Ecosystem responses to rising atmospheric CO2: feedbacks through the nitrogen cycle. In Carbon Dioxide and Environmental Stress (Y Luo and HA Mooney, eds.), Academic Press, San Diego, pp. 265-285.

Garland JL, Cook KL, Loader CA, and Hungate BA, 1997. The influence of microbial community structure and function on community-level physiological profiles. In Microbial Communities: Functional vs. Structural Approaches (H Insam and A Ranger, eds.), Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, pp 171-183.

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